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Stretch your imagination. Look beyond what you know. Take a look at things that are right in front of your eyes; even on the tip of your nose. Try to see things you have never seen before. Life evolves, even right now things change as you look and read. Where did it all come from and where does it go? Life is worthy of our deeper exploration.

Michio Kaku

Logic, Creation, Evolution

Humans are inquisitive creatures, but apes are also. Why chimps’ inquisitiveness did not attain to the knowledge that would have raised their IQ? All living things have hearts, lungs, livers and kidneys and yet none of them write, build and explore like humans do? Fragmented thinking only blurs logic.

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A vaccine is a biological preparation that improves immunity to a particular disease.

Vaccines & Immunity

We take a disease in order to overcome it and thus strengthen our immunity to it. The same was with the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. No one else but the Creator of all things in existence “invited” and nudged the couple to eat of the Tree of Knowledge. The awareness was not yet, until they ate.

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Immortality marked DNA

Only Homo sapiens carry the immortality gene a distant mark left in our DNA pointing to the original design. In the seventh generation after Adam, Enoch walked with God. There was no religion yet to interfere with his walk. No one could say that he was in error or preached a false doctrine.

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Siblings of Jesus

We are evolving and as we do we learn that we have one Father who is the father of His firstborn Son Jesus. He is also our father. This knowledge was lost to us for much too long. His firstborn Son said, I go to My Father and your Father, My God and Your God (John 20:17).

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Impression upon human brain

Images are formed in our mind and so we imagine. False imagery affects our genes. What genes remember depends on the way we imagine and process our thoughts, words and actions. Our media are filled with the desire to amuse, shock and intrigue; thus impressing not only human brain but also genes.

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Intuitive Intelligence

What you think, speak and do affects your genes, which remember everything, even prehistoric history of your lineage. Nothing is lost. No sound goes silent. It is all recorded in the realm, which we should pay closer attention to the timeless world from which we came.

Light & Matter

The sun creates gravity by bending space and time around it. Everything in that space is also bent: even rays of light. Consequently, distant light sources, behind the massive object, can appear in a different position or look brighter than they would otherwise—Albert Einstein.

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They named it ARDI Ardipithecus Ramidus

Ape brain processes

The fascination with human lookalikes chimps also changes human brain. There is a need to befriend an animal, be it a deer or an ape. Our brain rushes to conclude and believe that indeed a human being is but only an evolved ape. The fascination crosses lines of believing and science.

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