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Divine Mind & Human Brain

mindThe amazing organ we have accustomed to call the brain is capable of receiving messages from the beyond, which is the spiritual realm of inspiration, complete knowledge and endless life. Life did not have to travel billions of light-years through space to arrive on earth; it always has been. Life cannot ever die. It slipped into the physical time, space and measured distances, and into organic shells of various forms.

The nature of life is the fact that it makes things move, but the greatest of all movements is the movement of our brain. Inspiration is not a predigested information. Revelations or eureka moments do not come from matter but spirit; hence, the compatible with human brain mind is like a conveyor belt; it travels forward carrying a load. Then it travels backward empty. When the right time comes and the receptacle the brain is in the right position this belt, the mind starts to carry new information, inspiration and revelation.

Our mind goes in and out and finds pasture (Gospel of John 10:9). It travels back and forth between these two realms.

For some strange reason we have used our free-will and chose to exalt just the physical faculty of our brain instead of the mind.

The human brain is only a receptacle, interpreter of all incoming messages, subconscious or conscious and also a broadcaster. A finely attuned brain can pick up signals from beyond this physical realm. The human brain is able to process intricate information and solve many complexities because it connects and unifies. However, it needs to be trained and that takes time.

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The Creation of Evolution

colorsIt is not a question of me believing in evolution, which would in a peculiar way throw away my belief in God, but no belief at all. Before one can believe one must have information upon which basis one believes. Nevertheless, why must we even use this word ‘believe’ as something almost magical? If information is provided I do not totally believe in it but examine it. I pay the price. Once I have exhausted the given information, by fully grasping its contents, then I apply logic.

Logic gathers and synchronizes all components. If one component does not belong then it is deemed as being foreign or was added later when someone embraced an empty belief.

Therefore, before one knows one must grasp or understand, and that comes from the faculty of cognizance. Without cognizance no knowledge is comprehensive and what follows afterward is no wisdom, but an empty belief. Before one knows one needs to use the sponge, which absorbs knowledge. That sponge is  your grasp, or the comprehension skill. Once this sponge is saturated with knowledge then that knowledge can be put into practice. When that knowledge is applied it may result in wisdom, but only if this knowledge was useful, good or benevolent. If the provided knowledge was a hoax, gossip or sensational trash then the one believing in it absorbed futility, which results in foolishness.

The truer the knowledge the more logical it is, straightforward and rather simple. Gradually one departs from zigzags and fragmented thinking, for one is about to match the Architect's original blueprint.

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Religious Mess

world religionChristianity’s manual is the Bible upon which beliefs have been established. These beliefs have been severely shaken, if not completely undermined when Darwin’s evolution theory became famous, but why? God is not the beginning nor the end, (Alfa and Omega), for the God of the Bible has no beginning and no end. Things always existed; either in the mind of God; invisibly, or visibly in material forms. One does not invalidate the other. So we come to this question: what is the Christian belief?

There is no Jewish belief, but the study of the Torah and the keeping of mitzvoth (good deeds obeying a commandment). Many peoples had their beliefs systems and trusted those who took them by their noses and led them into sacramental mysteries. The hocus-pocus/abracadabra then takes over a dormant by then brain.

ConceptCan God be born or have a mother? Doctrines and imaginations become gods obscuring the view of the only God. »

Nothing has changed since the Bible became the God’s Holy Word in Christianity. Blind beliefs dull up human intelligence and the faculty of cognizance.

The Bible must be examined using these three orientations: 1. Know the history of its writers. 2. Consider the reasons behind God’s choosing of a people. 3. Study the mind of God and His ultimate goal. But instead, the Bible writers (the Jews) were being sort of mystified as if they no longer exist; and their written work was appropriated as the holy Christian literature; as if the Bible was written by non-Semitic people.

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Insecure Genes

It is confirmed that our genes remember the past which left an imprint on the human *genome. Planet Earth is filled with bloodshed. Blood contains life, which cries out in pain. Human violence imprinted human genome. From these come the psychological complexities, feelings of insecurity and fear.

In a bizarre way horror movies thrill those marked with violence and fear genes.

[*The human genome is the complete set of genetic information. This information is encoded as DNA sequences within the 23 chromosome pairs in cell nuclei and in a small DNA molecule were located in individual mitochondria.]

However, we do not need to strum these genes like the strings of an instrument and make sound out of them. We can mark them with new thoughts, words, feelings and actions and thus redeem them.

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