Truth About The Original Sin

The original sin is nonexistent. No one is born with this burden. It is only a theological and philosophical explanation of something we ourselves produce. No one gave you sin. You manufacture it yourself and only you can bring a complete halt to these activities.



Adam and Eve did not sin, but in their ignorance transgressed the first commandment, which the Creator gave for educational purposes. He did not just make people without educating them in the skill of handling the knowledge of good and evil. Why? It is obvious: God created us according to His own image and likeness, which are spiritual. God is Spirit (John 4:22); He has no physical image to talk about. God has a will, and can choose one or the other, which can be affected either by an impulsive feeling or pragmatic thinking. The will stands between the Ratson (rational mind) and Nephesh (emotions). We have numerous examples of God’s holy irritation and the venting of His anger, but then come the relenting and even retraction, which repentance is. We have examples of God’s perfect mind and soul; knowledge and choice hang between these two spheres. We were not programmed to feel and then choose, like cows feel the urge to eat green grass and then produce white milk. No. We are also rational people; and it was for this reason God started to teach us. We were never programmed. We were born free. We can choose right or wrong, but the loving education of our Father actually brings us to the point of teaching us to choose, that which is right for our own good. His plans are always for health, prosperity and an overall wellbeing, even immortality. Enoch got it, so why most did not? The answer is clear: they got stuck in the blaming game… not me… someone else. And ever since then man seeks crutches to lean on, scapegoats and then mystifies the ‘origins of evil’ as if evil has fallen on earth from heaven. Most are lost in this crazy maze of ideas passed down to us by fools.

Science tells us that our brain’s capacity keeps on expanding; and the more we put into our brain the faster it operates. Upon the brain dances the mind, but our brain is only a physical organ while our mind is purely spiritual. Life is spiritual; hence the Spirit of Life.

tenGod gave the commandment to not reach for the fruit of only one tree, which was standing next to the Tree of Life. That was the beginning of teaching these new people differentiation. The desire was given only for one tree without which an educated choice could not have been made. The instrument that chooses well is knowledge, or rather awareness. Behold, they were aware that they were naked and for the first time they had noticed an arousal. God said that they should fill the earth with their kind (through sex) and not just the Garden of Eden.

We have lost but only an utopian imagination and with it the original truth.

Sin is the way of pain. The Ten Commandments portray this way. Don’t steal… it hurts. Do not commit adultery… it hurts. Don’t lie, don’t murder… it hurts! Do honor, do love, etc. The negative hurts and that’s what sin is. However, transgression is like running a red light or speeding above the speed limit and getting a ticket. You pay the penalty; this reprimand stands up in your mind signaling: don’t you do it again. But is it sin? No. The only hurt you felt was in your pocketbook and yes you could have injured yourself and others.

The original sin is nonexistent. No one is born with this burden. It is only theological and philosophical explanation for something we ourselves produce. No one gave you sin you manufacture it, but there can be a complete halt to these activities. Where there is the will there is a way. We can stop causing harm to each other and ourselves. We can rise as high as God for even Jesus prayed that we might be one with the Holy God as His firstborn Son is one with the Father (John 17:22).

The Power Of Repentance