constructionCan Today's Drugs Cure?

Pharmaceuticals, medications, cures, computer chips & man playing God. It is frightening and discouraging. Man wants to dominate another man hoarding people like sheep into a stall. Control and power is what man is after, yet there are three types of people, the seed, field and tares, but the tare wants it all to itself.

moneyWealth Above Health

This humanitarian character of the medical profession is fading. Today, the prime objective for all publicly trading drug companies is the monetary gain rather than then humanitarian goal to rid our society of disease and illness.

No Cure For The Poor

Millions are being defrauded. Major portion of their income is used to finance the exploding profits of the pharmaceutical industry and in return they are being offered a medicine that does not even cure their ills.

Today's medicine is not in the business of curing

I do not subscribe to any conspiracy theory. I go by this verse in the Bible (Matthew 7:16) By their fruits you will know them. Those of us who are subject to US medicine and prescription drugs; must know that none of the drugs sold today have been designed to cure an illness. All too often these drugs produce side effects, which are then countered with other drugs. In fact, the symptoms-eliminating medicines—in the true sense of the word—are not really remedies. The Latin word for Medicine is Rememdium, which means to cure; to remedy and it comes from a substance or preparation used in treating disease. These are facts or rather evident fruits of the Pharmaceutical and Medical Industries. This tree does not produce anything that actually heals. On one hand life expectancy became longer because the drugs, especially those the older population consumes; fertilize the medical tree and sustains it. On the other hand the quality of life expectancy shrinks.

Since the main driving force of the pharmaceutical industry is to increase sales of drugs for ongoing diseases, and to find new diseases in order to market existing drugs the industry has no interest in curing or eradicating diseases for it would inevitably destroy a multi-billion dollar industry. If eradication therapies for diseases are discovered and developed, the industry has a basic interest to suppress, discredit and obstruct these medical breakthroughs in order to make sure that diseases continue as the very basis for a lucrative prescription drug market.

As inhuman as that may sound these are the facts. The root of evil is not money but an obsessive and even fanatical love of it. There must be a balance. The only way would be to lock all profit-addicts chemist people in rehab centers where they would have to undergo a therapy. Just as there are rehab centers for substance abuse and addiction, in this case the addiction is the love of money, an incurable for some malady.

Many non-life threatening illnesses are quite often overcome naturally. Time, rest and natural remedies largely contribute to the strengthening of the immune system. The stronger the immune system the healthier life one can lead. However, a prolonged medication, or overmedication; does not strengthen the immune system, but actually weakens it. By depriving our bodies of nutrients and vitamins, which come from fruits, vegetables and nuts, we lower our immune system’s defense capabilities.

Peacemaking is the best way to go about human health. Agitation, nervousness, stress or chasing timetables; take away peace, which in itself brings healing. Hence, it is written, Seek peace and pursue it (1Peter 3:11). All maladies are the result of disconnects and upheavals. Oneness is of peace and of health and their opposites are of war; hence, illness. Drugs cannot bring oneness and peace. That only you can do. Inflammation is not of peace but of war. Infection is a foreign invasion, something that does not belong. To ward it off, one needs to seek the healing peace. Once peace properties find their way in our mind, soul and body then the nervous system begins to distribute them throughout the entire system. It supplies the circulating blood vessels with healing material, which calms infection and inflammation. That is the power of an educated mind and the power of your choice.