Logic & Onenessclear

picture-puzzleAnything logical points to oneness. Scientific studies point toward singularity or the original molecule from which life evolved. However we approach logic; it always leads to the original source of everything in the entire Universe. This knowledge brings us to the next point in the examination of human cognizant faculties.

Anything fragmented and isolated is not logical. The moment a blind belief is inserted into the strand of logic that belief neither belongs nor fits. Just that one belief can ruin the entire strain of monolithic thinking. One would like to start all over again in order to get oneness, but assumptions, suppositions, when inserted into logic, again, ruin the strand.

Whether we examine something physical, psychological or spiritual the prevailing theme is always oneness, which makes things logical.

It takes an enormous amount of time to prove logic in the world of biology and medicine; that is the reason why many drugs get approved by FDA prematurely, which later on must be taken off the shelves due to side effects causing worse an illness than they tried to treat in the first place.

Doctors who believed in that drug’s performance, with scores of others involved in the marketing of these medicines; waste time on legal defenses rather than being busy healing people.