Intellectual Thought

This world holds many mysterious, which are hidden in time's capsule.

Where did logic come from? Why the new gene that circulates the globe and is present in a bout 1/3 of the entire human population occupies only that one third? Who carries it and who does not? Where did it come from and where is it going?

These questions are about to be intelligently answered here provided the reader is interested in knowing it

New Creation

Homo-Sapiens & The Bible

It is regretful rather than interesting, or even fascinating, when it comes to people who are stuck in their own boxes of definitions.

  • Defining my beliefs boxes
  • Defining other people’s beliefs and their boxes
  • Superiority and inferiority, one is nurtured while the other is being suppressed
  • Competition conditions behavior

homosapiensOne's success may provoke another's to anger. Common sense and wisdom overpowers mediocrity. Any subjective belief, when it is being threatened with a better or even higher knowledge, begins to totter therefore one makes haste to support it all the more.

When one senses that one’s own way of thinking is being overshadowed, one experiences discomfort and anger, which is found in the Limbic part of the brain.

The central cortex of the brain seems to be confused; for crucial choices must be made as to which way is better; my old or the new way, which I now confront?

Thinking from inside a box

Because of one’s own beliefs one has developed an exclusive property, I call it a box. This box is like a garden one cultivates, so it would be futile to call it ‘a jungle full of weeds’ because that only goads one to anger. One takes pride in the cultivation of this garden and that pride is an emotion lodged in one’s soul. This pleasurable sensation stimulates brain functions and tends to repeat the same experience, so when one is “threatened” with something new—especially when it makes a better sense—one either retreats or scrambles, seeks cover, or goes on the offensive.

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