Weak Link Insecure Genome

We all experience bouts of insecurity. Boys bully other boys in school. Girls envy other better-looking girls. The way our genetic makeup conditions us is amazing. Better-looking people have better chances in life so the common denominator in selecting a partner is looks. But looks can be deceiving for what really matters are the contents of a person.

Human Insecurity from Joseph Luxum on Vimeo.


What parents inherited they pass on to their children. If the chain of family traits is unbroken and nothing new created the family genome will dictate behavior to the next generation, perpetually.


Whatever resides in a family tree makes the future tree grow. Some limbs will dry up and die, while other offshoots will sprout when trying to be different. There is no such a thing as the inability to triumph


Dropouts are not necessarily losers, but are oversensitive or lazy. But these traits, when given into, are often passed down to their children. Failure produces failure. Guilt and low self-esteem mix, and family squabbles are the result.


The people we meet and hang out with, the neighborhoods we like to live in exert profound influence on our psychological makeup. The past also influences people. Nothing dies it influences.

Human Insecurity

Why we are the way we are? The video, above, to a certain extent explains it, but there is so much more. Few lines that point to the culprit do not entirely cover the subject.

I taught about genes already in 1988. They have a lot to do with our current disposition. In this way, surprisingly, they talk and have much to say.

We can trim the branches, even cut off the limbs, but the tree remains the same. What's in it will continue until an individual takes action. This action must be decisive. I know exactly what I talk about, because I took that action in 1987.

I do not know how I came upon it, but I got it. I knew that my ancestors have exerted pressure on me, which I loathed; yes, loathed. On one hand I wanted to be an independent being having my own way, but the “own” was not there. It was “theirs.” Since my early childhood I heard of war and suffering and melancholy was all around me.

books_packI declared war, but before I did it I went berserk studying the Bible, prying and fasting. With a heavy load of books in my backpack, I went to the desert and lived in a cave with bats. There were puddles of waters, which soon evaporated and I had to move elsewhere, but I kept on studying, praying and fasting. I was a fool because today I know better; nonetheless, I paid the price for that which came to me later.

I almost died from dehydration and sunstroke. Nevertheless, I found water about the same time I found God.

Let me tell you about insecurity, wet hands, timidity and shyness. More. Nightmares, falling off bed drenched in cold sweat and screaming. Snakes and scorpions were crawling all over me at night. Hallucinations? No. I did not know alcohol or drugs I was a little child and a growing up teenager. For more than 20 years I dealt with this trash until one night I prayed, I want to experience peace under YOUR wings, I prayed to God whom at that time I did not know yet. Nonetheless, I have experienced His love.

The nightmares returned, but I have remembered to consciously go under the wings of His compassion. I turned over and fell asleep in peace. Each night I did the same until one day it all stopped. I noticed that I have overcome something with my knowledge, which I took from the Book of Psalms 91. The wings of the Almighty, and the dwelling under the shadow of His wings are no joke. Religious? — perhaps to some, but not to me. I did not need a church to read literature of all sorts, including the Bible. Later on when I lived in Jerusalem I went to the desert to learn more.

Insecurity can be conquered. Just don’t let anyone bully you. Respect authority, but that’s all. Keep a lot of things to yourself. Learn to take responsibility for these kinds of decisions. It is not hypocritical, but responsible. It is no longer a double-minded attitude. It is the original you that makes you adhere to the real you. Once you intelligently decide what is the truth then stick to what you know and never give in. If you are sensitive and buckle under authority, which you were instructed to respect; know this, authority comes and goes; it is a tag, emblem, a bumper sticker, which comes off when it’s time is up.

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