The Start Of Evolution

This world holds many mysterious, which are hidden in time's capsule.

brainEvolution and adaptation over time is quite obvious. We evolve intellectually through exploration, study and the gain of knowledge. The same does not necessarily apply to the tree-dwelling monkeys. The long gone past only obscures our grasp of things as they were before the recorded history. Even the Bible is often undermined as to being the recorded history of Jews today, but that’s another matter. Sumerian clay tablets gained more credibility than the Bible; and that is because it can be twisted and turned and reinterpreted, which is hard to do with the Bible. One group examines the Bible’s credibility through excavations and another tries to invalidate it through the same means. We examine similarities and correlate timeframes. Fusing scraps of information from many regions; stating that one story is truer than another; one story was written earlier and another later making a big mess.

Another mess we make is the ceaseless trying to make people believe in things. The smarter the theory the more believable it seems and those who confirm it with finite statements do so but subjectively.

It is not a matter of me believing your words, or accepting your theses as to being truer than another belief; it’s a matter of actually knowing something as facts. Since evolution is only a theory and in light of that theory we examine life on earth it will have to take many more centuries if not millennia to examine the recorded timeline; only then we can affirmatively state that this is so or so. Therefore, until that time I rest my case.

I do not blindly believe in God, the Big Bang or Darwin. I don’t believe or lend my mind to credible postulations; I study logic. The stronger my logic becomes, by closing all loose gaps in my grasp, the closer I approach the universal truth.

Evolution cannot be confirmed with few fragments for this silly fight over fragments only puffs up and solves nothing. Nonetheless, from the bird’s view angle life thrives, moves and all living forms fight for supremacy, but do they? That is more a human way than the animals’ way. What happens in nature is not war for supremacy, but for food and mating rights.

Understanding time


The key to our grasp of time are three dimensions, light, space and boundaries. Light travels and it can be measured between objects suspended in space. Physical objects have boundaries therefore they are measurable. Put these three together and you will understand time.

The next dimension is gravity, which works on compression and decompression basis. Our planet has different gravitational pulls, areas where objects experience strange phenomenons like the one at the redwood forest in Santa Cruz California gravitational anomaly.

Also moon phases cause gravitational changes affecting the tides.

Anything in time evolves but it comes in intervals. One period dies down and another period begins giving rise to new species, which most likely survived local cataclysms. Meteor strikes, volcanos, tectonic plates, which effectively caused the split of continents. Droughts, floods and hurricanes affect the changes to which forces anything living adapts.

The moment we are born we evolve, adapt and overcome any hurdles life throws at us. Those ho do not conquer do not survive. And since all living creatures have hearts, liver, lungs and blood all succumb or overcome through adoptability.

Victors, survivors and those who overcame initiate into this world a new breed. So it happened when Adam was made and then introduced to the physical earth's environment. In some cases, at the time of the great mix between Adam's sons and other peoples, giants also appeared. Due to inbreeding they disappeared, yet their genes reside in many of us; a testament to new creation and new period in earth's history.

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